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Aircal Logistics Limited


Welcome to Aircal Courier Services AIRCAL Mission has been established on 2014 belonging to reputed Tanwar family of Jaipur (Rajasthan). Its Marwari family. AIRCAL has been setup with the focus in mind to provide what every individual has been searching for extremely good quality services, employment and very good business in services industries at the right price along with the right trading concept. According to Indian Govt. Nome's AIRCAL is one of the best business entities where ethics and moral have found their true meaning. AIRCAL is the fastest growing Courier & Cargo Company with the seamless network customized offering and prompt deliveries. With the motto of good services to society, employment to unemployed and very good business to businessman and right services to individual need in society, the Company constantly strives to reach the expectation of all customers. AIRCAL is one of the fastest growing company in India. AIRCAL is a complete logistic point because it work in Courier & Cargo covering Domestic and International. In this point customer get all kind of services According to his taste. Under visionary and Leadership of Mr. Tanwar, the company incorporated in the year 2014 in first year of operations in India, has established a robust delivery network to cater to, both Domestic and international markets. The express delivery market is the fastest growing segment in the logistics industry. This makes up door to door services, shipments of parts, and product delivery. Due to growth in the e-commerce marketplace, business to consumer markets have increased with growth seen in businesses, then courier &cargo company are focused on offering services for the transportation of products and materials . AIRCAL Reg. office and corporate office is in Delhi. The company is equipped with young and efficient team, which constantly work with new idea towards unmatched and high quality service, with cost effective and tailor made solutions for every business and individual requirement. In AIRCAL, Innovation has been a constant practice through which we create world class logistics and courier & cargo solution to suit domestic and international markets. The company has a seamless connectivity through Air Mode and surface Mode (Air, Rail, Road, and Sea) which adds to its wide range of offerings to its customer, characterized by flexibility, Timeliness, Efficiency and Reliability and satisfaction. In this business a consumer takes decision to take services not due to big advertisements but due to the Guaranteed of the good services and also the opinion & satisfaction of the other consumers who are using these services... AIRCAL is a venture to make people desirous of making others successful by empowering them and providing them all the expertise which they have due to years of experience. We will provide series of professional training that will help everyone to trail the path of their dreams & make them come true. With an efficient, dedicated and confident team and seamless network, the company's long –team vision of guaranteed prioritized Ensuring customer satisfaction with unmatched services levels” Doesn’t look far from reach and the aspiration of “Being the preferred courier services in India can be achieved”.


Aircal Premium Services
Aircal Premium Services INR 0 INR 0 The AIRCAL premium service is the guaranteed delivery of shipment by air mode by next possible business day in the selected cities or pin codes. True 1450942239
Superfast Services
Superfast Services INR 0 INR 0 AIRCAL superfast service is specially designed to cater to the time crucial and critical shipments. This service promises delivery within 12 hours or before next day noon across all major ports or metropolitan's city in India. Such as Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. True 1450942348
Air Mode
Air Mode INR 0 INR 0 The air mode plan is our normal kind of plan. This is known as prepaid plan in simple words. In this plan shipment will in every mode of transports like railways, by roadways or by ship. The guaranteed delivery of the shipment by any mode of transport within 24-48 hours means next to second business days. True 1450942397
Surface Mode
Surface Mode INR 0 INR 0 The surface mode plan is our normal kind of plan. This is known as postpaid plan in simple words. In this plan shipment will in every mode of transports like railways, by roadways or by ship. The guaranteed delivery of the shipment by any mode of transport within 2-5 days. True 1450942459
Logistic Solution
Logistic Solution INR 0 INR 0 Warehousing and dispatches – we provide go down facilities and function as a largest service provider for procurement, strong, packing and dispatches as per customer needs. True 1450942476
Value Added Services
Value Added Services INR 0 INR 0 AIRCAL offers you value added services that cater to every need of your business. FOD (Freight-On-Delivery): Payment option at the time of delivery. COD (Cash-On-Delivery): Collection of cash on your behalf at the time of delivery which will be remitted to you online. DOD (Draft/Cheque-On-Delivery): Collection of draft and cheque from your customer at the time of delivery. Documentation : Aircal will provide information and assistance on Permits forms, legal/statutory requirements including clearance at check posts and documentation. Tamper-proof transit: Our every vehicle is sealed with a one-time lock before the journey to ensure a tamper proof transit for your shipments. True 1450942358
Pick and Pack
Pick and Pack INR 0 INR 0 Pick- Holiday & Sunday Pick-up/Delivery: At Aircal, we respect your commitment of delivery to your customer , be it on a holiday or Sunday that is why we have the option for pick-ups and deliveries on Sundays/holidays, with cut-off time of Saturday. Pack- Do's Use suitable size boxes keeping in mind the weight matters. Only use unbending cartons. Place the consigner address in the label served in the box. Dont's Don't surpass the weight specification of the packages used. Do not overwrite on the sender / recipient information. Do not enfold the labels. True 1450942511
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